Dulces dreamz - Sleep support

Unique Blend of ingredients that will give you the sleep you deserve, remember our mind was not meant to work the night shift. Our Dulces dreamz:

Delivers a Calming Sensation.

Helps you Sleep more Deeply.

Helps you wake up Feeling Rested.

x To avoid physical changes in your gummies like melting, they are shipped with a small cool pack in certain seasons. Track your delivery and be sure to bring it inside as soon as it arrives to prevent them from being exposed to heat or sunlight.

This product is

Free from Artificial Colors, flavors or preservatives
Free from GMO
Free from Shellfish
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Dairy Free
Vegetarian Friendly

Explore the Ingredients


An amino acid that helps increase the “good” chemicals that calm the brain and influence in the quality of your sleep. L-theanine facilitates the chemical reactions generated by neurotransmitters during sleep


Several studies have included this great ingredient to treat tress, anxiety and insomnia. The studies have shown the improvement of patterns of sleep, stress and reduced anxiety.


Cherries are a fantastic source of melatonin which helps regulate sleep cycles and increase the time of deep sleep.


The famous “sleep hormone” that intervenes in the natural sleep cycle. Some research suggests that the appropriate supplementation of melatonin can be useful to relieve insomnia and lag schedule.

When should I take it?

Serving Size: 1 Gummy

Who needs water when you got amazing flavors to chew on? Chew one gummy every night before you turn off the lights.

For better results, take a minimum of 6 months.