Latin families have the tightest bonds
, that’s why we kept everyone in mind from the favorite grandchild, to our Abuelitos when creating our top-line supplement offerings.

Our Latin heritage means a lot to us. Lo es todo.
It is our values, our traditions, our family... it is us. From our bold colors to our tropical flavors & our Spanglish language, we are honoring our past while creating our future.

45 years of experience
has led us to thoroughly developing high-quality products because we're obsessed with giving the best to our families. That´s why our loved ones would stand for nothing but the greatest ingredients and products.


This team has come together to create a bold brand with flavor, culture & passion! We´re like-minded humans with a common desire: Fulfilling our dream of offering wellness to Los Nuestros around the globe.

Who better to provide wellness to the Latinx community than Latinos themselves.

OhMyVit! products are developed and manufactured by a family-owned leading Pharmaceutical Group in Latin America with more than 45 years of experience that delivers your whole family the benefits they need.

“Trust that you & your family are taking high-quality, effective vitamins while embracing your culture and supporting your community”