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Why OhMyVit! Unigel™?

Unigel™ is a unique technology that lets us combine various ingredients, offering multiple benefits to fill your nutritional gaps. Multivitamins like For Ellos (Multivit for Men) and For Ellas (Multivit for Women) that have comprehensive formulas would normally exist in 2 or more different dosage forms, making it more uncomfortable to take and more complicated to stick to a strict nutritional regimen.

All of our Unigel™ products contain No sugar and are Dairy and Nut Free, making them not only convenient but also safe to take.

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How is this possible?

Inside a Unigel™ capsule you will find 1 tablet that contains Vitamins and Minerals and on the outer softgel we complement with other important nutrients such as Omega-3, Vitamin E, A, D3 among others. This is what we call a true all-in-one technology.

It is because of formats like Unigel™ that OhMyVit! is able to not only offer a vitamin but THE VITAMIN. We take your needs and mix them with impactful technologies, creating a complete experience.

Why OhMyVit! gummies?

Who doesn’t like a sweet on-the snack in the middle of the day. What happens if we combine all the convenience and flavor of a gummy and mix it with all the nutritional benefits of a traditional vitamin? We have OhmyVit! Gummies. A deliciously convenient and Indulging treat specially designed and flavored to fulfill your needs and tastebuds.

No water? Don’t stress! OhMyVit is your perfect ally in your nutritional journey. We will make it a true experience, with amazing tropical flavors that will keep you craving for more. From Guava and Peach to Watermelon and Tangerine, we know that a healthy convenient on-the-go nutritional snack is ideal for you.

Worried about allergies? We take our gummy development seriously that is why our gummies are: Lactose, Gluten, Soy and peanut Free. They are also free from GMO and Shellfish* and do not contain high fructose corn syrup, nor artificial colors, flavors or preservatives added.

The power of our Products

For Ellas

Multivitamin for her

We have to take care of “la Reina de la Casa ” (the queen of the house) That is why we have designed a premium multivitamin with more than 15 essential nutrients just for her.

Some of them are: Omega-3, Vitaminas A, E, D, B3, B12, C, K, Magnesium, Chromium, Iron, Folic Acid, Calcium & Boron. This powerful mix will help women boost energy levels and immune system, making them feel healthier and stronger.

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For ellos

Our “Latin Lovers” need to stay Strong and Powerful. Ellos have their nutritional needs and we understand them perfectly. That’s why we have developed a multivitamin just for him.

With Omega-3, Vitamin E, D, A, B3, B12, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium among others. Improving men’s muscle function, cardiovascular health, energy and stress levels and filling nutritional gaps.

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Atención please

“Mente sana” (A healthy mind) means a healthy body. We know and understand the power of the brain, and we want yours to stay healthy and focused, that’s why we want your attention please.

This product is a mix of Ginseng, Vitamin B6, B12 and Choline that will help you improve your memory, increase your concentration, and help you feel focused.

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Eye see you

We have an “eye” on you! Did you know that some studies show that hispanics are more likely to suffer from vision health? But don’t worry at OhMyVit! we’ve got you covered because we see you and your needs with our Vitamin E,A,C, Omega-3 and Lutein Gummies.

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Up defensas

As hispanics we like to protect our loved ones and at OhMyVit! you are whom we care for the most. Up Defensas is the perfect product with Elderberry, Acerola and Zinc that will help your body feel protected. Give your immune system the boost you deserve and need.

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Hola probiotics

There is nothing like “Abuela’s” (Granny’s) Cooking, but sometimes too much can also be a problem, that is why we have created “Hola probiotics”. Delicious Probiotic gummies, the perfect way to keep your digestive tract healthy.

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Dulces dreamz

Don’t spend your night counting sheeps.. With “Dulces Dreamz” you are able to have the sleep you deserve. A delicious combination of lemon balm, melatonin and L-theanine that will increase the quality of sleep.

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